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WSBT CBS 22 News South Bend In Live Stream Weather and Sports Channel Online Stream. CBS WSBT TV 11 local breaking News update Channel South Bend, Indiana, United States Live Online Streaming. WSBT is a virtual channel 5. It is associated with CBS. The channel is certified to San Francisco, California, United States. The channel is working for the San Francisco Bay Area. WSBT News is under the authority of the CBS television channels.

WSBT CBS 22 NewsIt is of CBS Corporation and is working as part of a duopoly with CW West Coast leading channel KBCW. Both the channels have joint offices on Battery Street. It is just north of San Francisco’s Financial District. WSBT CBS transmitter is situated on the top of Sutro Tower. Moreover KBCW, WSBT News has joint offices with previously co-owned channels WSBT, WTOC CBS 11 News Savannah, KGMZ, KITS, KLLC and KMVQ-FM. Even though they use a different address number for Battery Street. It is 865 as opposite to 855.

WSBT CBS 22 News South Bend Live stream

On December 22, 1948, WSBT made its first appearance on the television. It was the first outlet in Northern California as well as the 49th in the United States. In the beginning, the station was under the authority of Associated Broadcasters. They were the shareholders of KSFO (560 AM). At first channel 5’s signal was delivered from a tower which was located on top of the Mark Hopkins Hotel on Nob Hill. Later on, it was shifted to a shared transmitting tower with KGO-TV (7) at the Sutro Mansion.

It was situated in the middle of Mount Sutro and Twin Peaks. Later in 1973, it moved to the Sutro Tower. WSBT CBS News had its first office in the attic of the Mark Hopkins Hotel. It was just above the “Top of the Mark”. After a deal with KSFO’s owners, WSBT right away joined CBS. It was because they had worked out with the television network one year before. From 1937 to 1941, WSBT was associated with CBS. In the beginning, it was scheduled to shift to 740 AM. It was the dial position of San Jose’s KQW.

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