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KWES NBC 9 News Odessa Tx Live Stream Weather, and Sports Channel Online Stream. NBC KWES Channel 9 local breaking News update Channel Odessa, Permian Basin, Texas, United States Live Online Streaming. KWES is NBC connected place and near conduit 9. This NBC KWES is approved to Texas, Odessa, United States and helping the Permian Basin region. Tonga Inc holds this position.

KWES NBC 9 NewsOn West region highway 127 in Midland KEWS NBC channel 9 studios are positioned. Close to No trees, Texas, its spreader is positioned. Gray Television holds this position. On June 12, 2009, more than a digital canal 9 NBC KWES TV channel close down its analog indication. These positions comprise the encoding of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Doctors, Inside Edition, and Dr. Phil amongst others. As KVKM television on December 1, 1958, the KWES News began distribution in Monahan’s, Texas, and an ABC associate. KPEJ FOX 24 News Odessa.

KWES NBC 9 News Odessa Live stream

In the early, in the 1960s the KWES works a semi-satellite box station for a concise epoch of occasion. By 1965 KVLF television went off the tone as rope infiltration provided the populace of the Alpine region. In 1969 Grayson Enterprises bought the KWES News and renamed it KMOM television. In Carlsbad, original Mexico KVKM added two settlement positions KWAB and KAVE box beneath Grayson’s possession. From 1966 until 1969 the later post dish up as a KVKM/KMOM outpost. To Stanley Marsh 3 KAVE later sold and sustained as a settlement of KVIA box in El Paso. For a few of its position in 1968 Grayson Enterprises ran into permit restitution difficulty.

As a consequence the KWES had their regeneration delayed and hearings prepared. In 1980 to Permian Basin box Corporation Grayson sold together place. On June 11, 1981, through KMID Odessa the station exchange association and connected NBC. To KTP strait 9 distorted its describing letters. The name letters were distorted to the KWES news channel On August 16, 1993. In 2008 to London dissemination, Derry had designed to sell its place. This post became the residence of Dallas Cowboys preseason box In adding to NBC Odessa encoding.

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