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KPNX NBC 12 News Phoenix AZ Live Stream Weather and Sports Channel Online Stream. NBC KPNX 12 local breaking News update Channel Phoenix, Arizona Live Online Streaming. KPNX NBC is a virtual and VHF digital channel 12. It is associated with NBC. The channel is working for Phoenix, Arizona, United States. It is certified to Mesa. KPNX NBC news is owned by Tegna Inc. KPNX’s offices are situated at the Republic Media building on Van Buren Street in downtown Phoenix.

KPNX NBC 12 NewsIts transmitting tower is situated on the top of South Mountain on the city’s south side. KPNX NBC news production is broadcast on satellite station KNAZ-TV. On April 23, 1953, KPNX made its first appearance on the air as KPHO CBS 5 News Phoenix. Harkins Theatre Group were the initial owners of the channel. They also owned KTYL radio KIHP and KZZP. KPNX original offices were situated in the then-small town of Mesa. Since its inception, the channel has been associated with NBC in Phoenix.

KPNX NBC 12 News Phoenix Live stream

Previously, KPHO-TV (frequency 5) used to host all four networks of the day. It was the main associate of CBS. KPNX ran some production from the DuMont Television Network. In 1955, John J. Louis bought KPNX NBC 12. He was the owner of KTAR radio. Federal Communications Commission guidelines did not allow a channel to have the same call letters as its related radio outlet. For this reason, the call letters were later altered to KVAR. Otherwise, it would have been KTAR-TV. In 1959, KPNX News reformed its call letter to KTAR-TV.

This happened when the code of practice came loose. Right after the transformation, the channel shifted into a new office. It was on Central Avenue in Phoenix. The shift was made the FCC started allowing channels to run their office facilities outside of their city of certification. KPNX NBC 12 was identified as “Mesa,” for next half-century.

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