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(ČT24 Zive Vysilani CZ Na Internetu Online) ČT24 have been facilitating Les Grandes Gueules from 11am to 2pm since 2004, assume control Ruth Elkrief’s opening (from 7pm to 8pm) with an intuitive program offering watchers an opportunity to remark on current occasions. Rulk Elklief began tying down Midi Rulk Elklief from twelve to 2pm every weekday. ČT24 Non-Stop now was displayed by: Jean-Alexandre Baril and Roselyne Dubois from 9am to 12pm, Stéphanie de Muru and Gilane Barret (newsreader in Midi Ruth Elkrief) from 2pm to 3pm, at that point Florence Duprat and Thomas Misrachi from 3pm to 6pm.